Radek Hrachovec, CLMP

Partner of Voxwise

Radek dedicated last 20 years of his professional life to loyalty programs and direct marketing. He became one of the most skilled practitioners within the loyalty industry in Central Europe. His experience has been successfully exploited by companies looking to create programmes from scratch or who simply wish to use an experienced eye to evaluate an existing scheme. He is partner of the Voxwise company, which delivers Loyalty Programmes, Pricing & Direct Marketing Solutions with 5 – 10% revenue increase.

Radek received in 2017 a distinction Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP) from Board of Regents of the Loyalty Academy.  This distinction was viewed as warranted by the Board in light of some or all of the following personal accomplishments: „Your lifetime commitment, passion and achievements with regards to the loyalty marketing industry“.


Having all the knowledge and capabilities to address all the core subjects that surround a successful loyalty scheme such as customer segmentation, multichannel communications, reward strategies, coalition loyalty and loyalty performance management.


He started his independent consultancy career in 2010 serving dozens of clients in the area of loyalty marketing. Nowadays he works as a managing partner of Voxwise, company specialised on customer programmes, direct marketing and pricing solutions. Voxwise clients operate in retail, hospitality and financial services in Central European countries.

Radek has been faithful to the Bata Shoe Company for 12 years, starting his career with the company in 1998. He was responsible for running and developing Bata’s loyalty programmes in Central Europe. He was promoted to Marketing Director in 1996 and was responsible for all marketing activities in Central Europe, including loyalty operations. Radek is creator of long term successful loyalty programme Bata club and coalition loyalty programme RENOME.

Radek is a featured presenter at conferences held by IIR, Marcus Ewans, Top Vision, Smith&Novak, Terrapinn, IdeaFirst. Contributed to several industry magazines and newspapers. Also leads marketing and CRM course on his Alma Mater Thomas Bata University in Zlin.

He serves in the judging panel of the Loyaty Magazine Awards in London for several consecutive years.

You can see whole profile on Linkedin.

Know how to keep customers = influencing customers‘ behaviour through direct communication and loyalty programmes.

Do you want to contact me?

E-mail: radek.hrachovec@voxwise.com

Twitter: RadekOnLoyalty

„Only those who give back, can get hearts and loyalty of their customers.“

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